The objective of the World's Hardest Game is fairly simple: don't get hit by any of the blue circles. However, that task is, as the game says, quite a difficult one to pull off given that you are met with four constantly rolling ones. Ultimately, you have to devise a strategy of avoiding all those balls – with two simultaneously coming your way with the other two moving the opposite direction. Your goal in the game is to get from one green beacon to the other which is located at the other end.


Title: World's Hardest Game
Developer: Snubby Land
Mode: Single Player
Category: Action
Platforms: Browser

Developed by Steve Chritoph, a Flash programmer, animator and web designer, the World's Hardest Game is just what it says it is: the world's hardest game. Critoph publishes his games on Snubby Land which serves as a portfolio of his Flash work. Armor Games, Addicting Games and Newgrounds have all sponsored the works of Critoph.

Although existing on the web since 2005, Snubby Land gained notoriety in 2007 when the World's Hardest Game was released. It's a game that was hailed the most popular of all time on Addicting Games.

The World's Hardest Game has a couple of accolades to its name as well. Apart from being a difficult yet exciting game to play with, it has more than 100 hits on the Addicting Games site. It was also named “The Most Addicting Game” in the main category of the Addicting Games Showdown in 2009.

Apart from being played on PCs, the World's Hardest Game is also available on Android.


In this game, you the player is represented by a red square. This red square is initially located in a green patch on the left side of the screen. At the opposite end is another green patch which is where you would move your square to.

But rather than just being a walk in the park, you have to navigate your way through the middle field with some obstacles. These obstacles are blue circles which constantly roll to and away from you. Your goal is to not get hit by any one of them as you make your way to the other end.

The game has 30 levels and the only way for you to complete a level is to get from the green patch at your end to the other green patch. You also have to collect yellow circles along the way. All that while trying to avoid getting hit by a rolling blue circle.

You'll also notice that the green patches (called beacons) vary on different levels. There are a couple of levels that have more than one beacon and those intermediary ones count as check points.

Your score for this game is the number of times you have “died.” In other words, the lower the better. Also, you have to complete all 30 levels for your score to be submitted to the Leader Board database.

Other Versions

World's Hardest Game has spawned two other versions: World's Hardest Game 2 and World's Hardest Game 3. Of course, both versions are at a much more difficult scale than the first version although the concept is the same.

World's Hardest Game 2 was released on July 25, 2008 while World's Hardest Game 3 was released on June 30, 2014.