World's Hardest Game 3

The third installment of The World's Hardest Game series, The World's Hardest Game 3 is a step up from its first two predecessors, which basically translates to hardest of the hardest. Creator Stevie Critoph did not waste time in adding more fun, addictive games in Snubby Land, an online platform where you will find all of The World's Hardest Games and other entertaining materials.

The objective of The World's Hardest Game 3 is basically the same, but with more challenges thrown your way. Your mission is to get past the blue dots, collect all yellow circles and then move to the green beacon, so you can move to the next level. Beware that there are more than green beacons in one level, but only one will be your life saver, while the rest are just checkpoints. Your score will only be revealed when you complete all the levels. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look too good in the end. This is because your score is reflective of the number of time that you died. Know that other players have died more than 100 times before they pass one level. But that’s what makes The World's Hardest Game 3 so much fun.

You have the option to change your color and play the game on a much bigger window. This online game can be embedded in your own website, if you want to. Spread the addiction, and you just might have access to strategies that other players used to win the game.